Tony Perez Set to Host The DradCast Episode 004

Tony PerezBeing we can’t keep a serious conversation going, we figured we’d bring on a host that will keep it real, Marine Corps style! Pulling no punchs and ready to scare you into better securing your WordPress websites, welcome Tony Perez, COO of Sucuri Inc. to Host episode 004 of the DradCast.

When asked what he loves, and what he does for a living, he came straight with it:

I run operations at Sucuri Inc. My technical responsibilities include leading the enterprise incident response team. My specialties are in malware remediation and log analysis. I love me some Martial Arts, can’t get enough of Guns and on a nice day like cruising on my hog.

Come join us Wednesday, March 13th at 8PM Eastern as we air the 4th installation of DradCast awesomeness. If you don’t show, I’d be very afraid, very very afraid 🙂

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