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Andrew Nacin


Nacin is a core developer of WordPress. As a member of the core team, he wrangles contributions, develops new features, and tries to fix more bugs than he creates. He lives in Washington, D.C., and works as a Tech Ninja at Audrey Capital, where he works on WordPress.org and other projects. He prefers decisions over options.

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Episode 040: Brain of a Sperm Whale

Hosted by Mark Jaquith

I’m a Lead Developer on the WordPress web publishing platform, used by tens of millions of people around the world. I make my living as a web publishing consultant to everyone from individuals to startups to established media companies. My personal goal is to bring intuitive, low-cost web publishing to everyone who has anything to say.

Episode 039: Pricing DreLema

Hosted by Chris Lema

I like to talk about virtual teams, remote staff, and high performance. I love WordPress. I believe WordPress can function as an application framework and have proved it. Multiple times. Oh, and I have a drad crush. :)


Episode 037: Long Live the King

Hosted by Alex King

An original contributor to the WordPress project, Alex has created dozens of popular WordPress plugins and themes and has continually pushed the limits of what WordPress is known for. He founded Crowd Favorite, a preeminent WordPress and web development firm and is proud to have pioneered drag-and-drop page layouts for WordPress with Carrington Build and to have solved WordPress content deployment with RAMP. Previously, Alex co-founded FeedLounge and created the share icon. http://alexking.org


Episode 035: The Roaming Drad

Hosted by Maria Scarpello

Maria Scarpello is the internal Community Manager at WooThemes. She helps out with customer support, documentation and pre-sales questions. When not helping customers at Woo, she is out traveling the US in her RV. You can follow her travels on Twitter. @TheRoamingPint