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Episode 073: Drunken Rubber Duck

Hosted by Joshua Strebel

My name is Joshua Strebel, and I am a married man in his early mid 30’s and recently became a father. I work on the interwebs and am CEO and co-founder of Pagely the Managed WordPress Hosting company. My life is pretty awesome and I have made a habit of not taking you or myself very serious.


Episode 072: Fall off the Ledge

Hosted by Jake Goldman

Jake is the President of 10up, a full service digital agency that makes web publishing and content management simple and fun. At 10up, he serves name brand clients like TechCrunch, ESPN, Consumer Reports, NBC Universal, and Google. In just 4 years, Jake built 10up from 1 to more than 100 full time employees. Jake has been quoted on publications like c|net, written for Smashing Magazine, taught at Boston University, and presented at conferences around the country. He is a core contributor to WordPress, maintains some highly rated WordPress plug-ins, and co-organizes the Sacramento WordPress Meetup.


Episode 071: GoDraddy

Lisa Sabin-Wilson is co-owner of WebDevStudios – a WordPress design and development company specializing in customized WordPress themes and plugins.

Lisa is the author of WordPress For Dummies and is the For Dummies brand franchise author on all things WordPress; having worked with WordPress since 2003, she has extensive experience and knowledge on the platform and shares it in her several WordPress-related books. She is also a regular public speaker on topics such as: WordPress, blogging, design and social media.


Episode 069: The Incredible Hawk

Hosted by John Hawkins

John Hawkins is a long time web developer, WordPress enthusiast, WordCamp speaker and organizer living on the outskirts of Las Vegas with his wife and two teenage children. In 2009 John co-founded 9seeds, a custom WordPress development company.


Episode 068: Ding Pizza Rolls are Done!

Hosted by Brandon Dove

Brandon’s breadth of knowledge spans many technical disciplines and is responsible for leading Pixel Jar’s development team through code architecture, development, and security audits.

With web development experience starting in 1999, Brandon was driven to start Pixel Jar in late 2004. Pixel Jar quickly gained a reputation of excellence in the WordPress community. Brandon is also the lead developer of the company’s commercial plugin, AdSanity, the de facto advertising management platform for WordPress. Over the years, billions of ads have been served on sites like the Official site of the Dallas Mavericks. Brandon helps to ensure a high quality end product through hands-on development and expert guidance.