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Episode 068: Ding Pizza Rolls are Done!

Hosted by Brandon Dove

Brandon’s breadth of knowledge spans many technical disciplines and is responsible for leading Pixel Jar’s development team through code architecture, development, and security audits.

With web development experience starting in 1999, Brandon was driven to start Pixel Jar in late 2004. Pixel Jar quickly gained a reputation of excellence in the WordPress community. Brandon is also the lead developer of the company’s commercial plugin, AdSanity, the de facto advertising management platform for WordPress. Over the years, billions of ads have been served on sites like the Official site of the Dallas Mavericks. Brandon helps to ensure a high quality end product through hands-on development and expert guidance.


Episode 064: Review. Refine. Repeat.

Hosted by Greg Taylor

After working in marketing and business development for over ten years, Greg decided to pursue his passion for WordPress development and content marketing by starting his own company. Tired of seeing sites that look great but don’t achieve results, he founded Marketing Press to help business owners find the best of both worlds.

In addition to leading the company, Greg has become well-known in the WordPress community as a speaker and teacher. He has presented at several conferences (includingTechPHX, WordCamp LA, WordCamp Phoenix, and WordCamp Vegas), been featured on industry podcasts and regularly appears on popular shows (like WPwatercooler and his very own Marketing Press TV).

When he’s not working on code or content, Greg spends his free time mentoring at Gangplank, taking in live music in Tempe, AZ, or hanging out in his home state of New Jersey.


Episode 063: Make Hay While The Sun Shines

Hosted by Carrie Dils

From her humble beginnings of selling candy, Carrie Dils perfected the ability to know what you want before you’ve even thought about it, and she does it well. Weilding the incredible power of coopetition, she weaves her web seamlessly with everyone on the planet, tying you into the incredible WordPress ecosystem and making it beautiful at the same time. Whether she’s beating her own father in a footrace or helping you customize your theme in the perfect way, you will find yourself wishing you had a longer commute, just to listen to her Genesis Office Hours podcast every week.


Episode 062: Community Community Community

Patrick O’Keefe is the founder of the iFroggy Network, a publisher of websites. He has been managing online communities since 2000 and is the author of “Managing Online Forums,” a practical guide to managing online communities and social spaces.

He has been responsible for the creation and cultivation of communities like KarateForums.com and PhotoshopForums.com. Patrick blogs about online community at ManagingCommunities.com.