DradCast Episode 004 Will Air March 13th

To our huge audience of two, consider this a public service announcement -The next episode of the DradCast will air next week, Wednesday March 13th. That means you get a free Wednesday night without your two favorite x-military geeks, Brad and Dre.

Sorry for the late notice, but we’re out climbing mountains, and building space ships. We’ll let you know how everything goes next week on Episode 004.

Thanks folks!


One thought on “DradCast Episode 004 Will Air March 13th

  1. Cool beans Dre, one thing that might help build your subscribed audience would be the inclusion of an email subscription option somewhere other than below the comment section.

    I was listening last night and was looking for an email subscribe option in the header or in the sidebar…you see, I kick it old school and don’t do RSS 😉

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