High Energy, High Performer Chris Lema Host of DradCast Episode 005

Chris LemaHave you ever had that moment where you just don’t think you have the energy to finish what you started? Ever wondered what it would be like to be more effective in business, or as a developer? Are you that person that would change the world if you had a bit of coaching enabling you to execute awesomeness? On to host episode 005 of the DradCast is the guy that can teach/coach you through all of those thoughts and questions.

Say hello to Chris Lema. Chris is a lover of all things technology, a WordPress evangelist, coach to high performers, and an experienced tech startup executive. You would be doing yourself a huge disservice by not listening in this week as Chris hosts the DradCast.

As one of the organizers to WordCamp San Diego, what better timing. WordCamp San Diego 2013 kicks off this Friday and it’s sure to be epic!

Here’s a bit about Chris, and we look forward to seeing you this Wednesday evening at 8PM Eastern for the next installment of the DradCast.

Chris Lema is the VP of Software Engineering at Emphasys Software, where he manages high performers and oversees product development and innovation. He’s also a blogger, ebook author and runs a WordPress meetup in North County San Diego.

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