10 thoughts on “Episode 007: WordPress OS

  1. Im curious as too why none of you guys didnt jump on the hypocracy of Matts statement saying that well plugins can put themselves in the repo and go fully opensource and get promotion that way.
    They promote thememakers that are not in the themerepo.
    Its been known for years that Matt does not approve of commercial plugins only SaaS solutions.

    People are too wishywashy and fanboyish when they talk to Matt.

    1. Hi Andreas-Anon, thanks for leaving your contact info! Did you send in this question ahead of time through the contact form? Did you send it via Twitter? Oh, no, you didn’t.

      Call it what you want, but we asked every question that came in from the public, plus some of our own. There’s not much wishywashy fanboyism to that, but thanks for your point of view.

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