Episode 090: The New Hotness

This weeks show discusses #ilovewp, is WordPress moving too fast, Senators whine about the broadband standard, Twitter exodus, and more!

Rami Abraham is a developer lead at WebDevStudios / Maintainn. He’s been building with WordPress since version 2.8, with a heavy focus in plugin development and javascript applications, as well as explorations with WebGL and game development.

Show Notes

Pressing Topics of the Week http://www.businessinsider.com/analyst-downgrades-twitter-to-sell-2016-2 Bar Tricks Bar Tricks  
  • Dre
  • Rami
    • NES javascript emulator - https://github.com/bfirsh/jsnes
    • http://www.wab.com - the demo site of the  Canvas Oldshool Demo Effect Framework (http://codef.santo.fr)

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