Episode 055: The Data Will Set You Free

Chuck is known for being a technical on-site SEO and conversion optimization specialist, with expertise in UX and usability psychology honing content architecture and choreography strategy. Experienced in WordPress development; he was there when WordPress was born, was responsible for the first two WordCamps in Arizona, and continues to work with WP today.

After exiting two companies he started in 2003 and then working solo for some years, in 2011 Chuck co-founded Vuurr, a digital marketing firm comprised of engineers and analytically-minded marketers. That led to forming a startup called Levers which formally launched in January 2013. Levers forecasts your data to find a baseline of what will happen next, targets opportunities and lends implementation suggestions and can optimize automatically for KPIs that are most important to your campaign.

Chuck lives in San Francisco and typically only smiles when presented with a Manhattan or beer and/or sushi.

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